Great Migration

The Great Migration

also The Exodus

An early ship to the New World.

A millennium ago, the people of the Old World received a vision of the future, that a massive Cataclysm would utterly destroy their world, and that only those that Migrated to the New World would survive this obliteration. There were many nations and creeds in the Old World, but very few people actually heeded the warning, they were mostly the followers of the Manifest Church of Divine Providence. These people migrated en masse to the New World and, after a great many hardships, founded the Empire. Perhaps a century or so after their mass migration, contact with the Old World was severed; the Cataclysm had apparently occurred, fulfilling the prophecy.

Items that date back to the Great Migration period are inevitably wondrous and inscrutable, and will fetch great sums from the wealthy and powerful.

A later arrival.

Great Migration

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