League of Gentlemen Rogues

Also, simply, the League.

The League of Gentlemen Rogues was originally founded in the years leading up to the Cataclysm as the fund raising arm of a Guerrilla movement in their conquered homeland; and, as such, is a very ancient society of criminals. Despite their original homeland having been destroyed in the Cataclysm, the League never stopped in their mission, instead turning towards funding the creation of a new homeland for their people in the New World. Over the centuries their original ethnicity has been completely assimilated into the dominant culture, and the blood of their people mixed with every other ethnicity of men, but they have always claimed that they are “Kings among Mankind” and that everyone of them is a gentleman when compared even with the greatest of men that is not one of them.

Over the centuries the League has become largely legit in their endeavors, but their goal remains the same, to destroy the Empire (or any of it’s successor states) and to found a new homeland for their people. Their chief criminal concerns are smuggling (legal or illegal goods, except for drugs and slaves, and in particular arms), extortion, racketeering, governmental corruption, and “terrorism” or (in their words) the “Continuance of their War, by whatever Means”.

Ironically, they have taken over both Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice systems in many areas of the Empire, and they have significant influence within the Church. The great age of the organization has caused it to evolve into different forms in different places over the centuries, in some places they use a roughly modern military structure, in others a council of Chiefs (or Lords, or Kings), while another may have a political (often republican) governing body; in some areas it has devolved into a social club. No matter what the form (even as a social club) they continue to promote their own ethnicity and raise funds for “the cause”.

The great age of their organization also has led to a very fragmented web of alliances and rivalries with other organized crime syndicates, in one place they may be openly antagonistic to The Family, for instance, and in another they may have been nearly completely assimilated by them.

League of Gentlemen Rogues

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