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  • Elder Gods

    [[File:401133 | class=media-item-align-center | Cthulu.jpg]] An Elder God The Elder Gods are a number of transdimensional entities whose origins predate the coming of humanity. The [[Church]] officially considers them to be a greater variety of …

  • Greater Infernals

    Also - Greater Infernal Powers Greater Infernals include Demon Lords, Devil Princes (and Dukes, etc.) and any other non-deity entity with the power to grant spells to it's worshipers; this is essentially all that separates them from their lesser …

  • Manifest Church of Divine Providence

    Commonly known as "The Church" The Manifest Church of Divine Providence was, by far, the greatest church of the [[Empire]], and it still remains the majority religion in most of the [[Empire]]'s successor states.

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